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…here’s a bit of info about “OFF GRID” living…


The term “Off-Grid” means that our Ranch is not connected to the main power grid that supplies most communities throughout the country. All of our electricity is generated by solar panels which, in turn, charge batteries. 


The Guest Cabin is equipped with four 145 watt solar panels and a battery bank. The amount of power available for the cabin is far less than what the average American is used to using each day. During days of full sun the batteries stay around 90-100% charge. A day or two of clouds will reduce the charge proportionately. Two or more days of clouds requires careful attention to ensure the batteries do not discharge too much, especially over night.


There are many ways to conserve on electricity. One way is to reduce water usage since one of the biggest power drains is the water pump. Another way is to omit the use of anything that has a heating element (hair dryer, toaster, electric skillet, etc). Remembering to turn off lights when you are not in a room is important. And also recharging your phone or other devices while driving in your car, rather than plugging them in at the cabin, can help also. 


While it takes a bit of getting used to, we have found it to be rather enjoyable to adjust our power usage to the amount of sunshine each day. In order to make the adjustment for the time you are staying with us, it may be helpful to “pretend you’re camping”. Enjoy using flashlights, head lamps, and candles for light and staying “unplugged” in as many ways as possible. We have found that, because of living Off-Grid, we have become more thankful for simple things…like sunshine.

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