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The only thing that makes life better out here at Homestead Ranch is sharing our home with others.


We invite you and your family to come stay with us in our Guest Cabin. 


Homestead Ranch is located halfway between Del Norte and South Fork, Colorado, about 3 miles north of Highway 160. Embargo Creek runs through our Ranch before joining the nearby Rio Grande River to the south.


Our way of life is not fancy. We enjoy our work around the Ranch, and there seems to be plenty of it. We live OFF-GRID with all of our electricity being provided by the sun which powers a solar array and battery bank. While this provides for minimum electricity needs, power conservation is  part of our life out here.


About the Guest Cabin:


The Guest Cabin has three bedrooms and sleeps seven comfortably. There is a full bathroom downstairs and a half bathroom upstairs. Yep, hot water too. There is a full kitchen to cook your meals. A wood burning stove is the heat source for the cabin, and yes, firewood is provided.


The Guest Cabin has no TV and no Internet and most cell phones only get a weak signal. Sound crazy? You may find it is just the get away you need in this fast paced world. Read a book, take a walk, gaze at the star filled sky as you lie in the hammock, play a board game, reconnect with each other. You can go anywhere and find WiFi and 4G and hundreds of TV channels. Our Guest Cabin offers a taste of a different way. It’s sort of like camping, but you get to sleep in a bed.

What else is at Homestead Ranch:

We have a few friendly animals here at Homestead Ranch like horses, sheep, chickens, cats, and our Newfoundland dogs. A regular part of our day is devoted to animal care. Many of our guests (especially the kiddos!) enjoy helping with chores like feeding, collecting eggs, and even clean up.


Our Home Cabin is a short walk from the Guest Cabin. In between the two cabins you’ll find the barn, the garden, the Homestead Cabin, greenhouse, and chicken coop. The workshop is nearby also. During your stay with us, you can usually find us working around the Ranch on various projects. If you have any questions, just mosey on over for a chat.

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