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Our Newfies

mama Shade


Shade is as sweet as they come. She is all about friendliness and loves to be close whatever we are doing. She is a gentle, gentle spirit and she is out of our Moxie x Frodo. Shade is 4 years old and weighs 110 pounds.

not for sale


papa Hagrid


Hagrid is a 2021 boy out of Merlin x Willow​ (both retired). He has beautiful markings (black & white Landseer) and a happy-go-lucky temperament. He is a loyal and true friend (half wizard & half giant for all the Harry Potter fans!) Hagrid is about 125 pounds.

not for sale


Miss Hazel Mae


We welcomed Hazel home at the end of 2022. She is super sweet and is quite a beauty! She is a rich, chocolate brown with hazel colored eyes.​ She has an easy going temperament and she absolutely loves all water play! Hazel is about 140 pounds and still growing.

not for sale


grampa Frodo


Frodo is our big fun loving boy. He loves to be with family and follow us around while we do chores at Homestead Ranch.

Frodo is Shade's daddy so he is now "retired" from breeding and lives his happy life here with us.

not for sale

Newfoundland puppies for sale

In memory of ...

our beloved sweet mama Moxie 


Moxie was our sweet sweet girl. She was full of love and gentleness. She absolutely loved children, especially babies. She sadly passed away, due to complications of surgery for spay, in April of 2023. Words cannot describe our grief at losing our sweet girl. She is buried here at our Ranch.

We love you, Moxie Pretty Girl.

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