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Welcome to our Shop!

We offer our wool in all stages so you can choose just what you want.

Mix and match, let me know if there is something special you are looking for.

When I hand process our wool, I like using Viking style combs to clean and align the wool fibers.

Then I use a diz to pull "tops" for easy spinning.

Our CVM wool (marble gray-black-white, and black) is soft with lovely crimp much like our Merino cross wool (white and variety cross).

Our Icelandic cross wool (gray, brown, white) is fun to hand spin. It makes a beautiful, though somewhat coarse, yarn and takes dye quite well. It is also felts well. 

Our Wensleydale and Gotland cross wool is a wonderful choice for curls, art yarn, or crafts. If you love color, this wool is very rewarding to dye. 

Our inventory is constantly changing as I hand process small batches throughout the year. Even if the photo says "out of stock" I always have wool available that I just haven't had a chance to photograph and upload. Contact me if you are looking for something specific that I might be able to help you with. 

Our wool can be purchased at a variety of stages of processing: 

raw unwashed fleece (available in spring/summer), lightly washed, combed tops, and spun yarn. 

Our wool is carefully washed in small batches. Even so, some VM (vegetable matter) may still be present.  Sheep are sheep. We do our best to keep them clean, still, they are sheep!

I hope you enjoy their lovely wool for your projects!

Feel free to contact me with questions!

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