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We raise a small flock of sheep at Homestead Ranch. Each spring our sheep are shorn by an experienced shearer and their wool is skirted and carefully washed. Some of our guests enjoy learning to spin and dye the wool during their stay with us. We also sell our wool and yarn at the market in town or here on our website. 


Meet our sheep!



This lovely lady is a Romeldale and she produces lovely soft springy wool with nice crimp.

We look forward to her lambs in the coming seasons.


Here is another friend. Cookie is a CVM ewe and her wool has wonderful variety in color. Each year she grows a deeper color of black/brown with creamy white.


Cookie's first lamb (2021) is our girl Candy, a beautiful black ewe lamb (picture to come).

Such a pretty lady she is and we are so happy to have her and her sweet girl!





This little lady is an Icelandic with a more course texture to her wool and her staple length is an average of 3-5 inches. She always has beautiful babies too!

Her wool has a grey-black color and makes lovely hand spun yarn, though it is not as soft. 

Her wool would be good for projects that are not worn close to the skin.

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