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History of our Homestead Cabin


William E. Whitten came to Colorado from Iowa in 1893 and homesteaded 12 miles southeast of Saguache. An abandoned school house was moved to the property in about 1900 to serve as the original cabin and the homestead was finalized in 1903. Mr. Whitten married May Taylor in 1917 and they had 3 children, George, Donald, and Virginia.

Homestead Cabin Restoration Project

In 2017, we were given permission to dismantle the original Whitten homestead cabin (pictured below) and reassemble it here at Homestead Ranch for the purpose of preserving its history and providing a setting for educational activities. We hope you will join us for a step back in time when hard work was a daily affair and good times were simple and full of family, food, and fun!


Virginia Sutherland

Virginia Sutherland (pictured here in 2017 at  the age of 92) grew up in the original homestead cabin that we now use for our Homesteading Activities.

We are thankful for the many stories and historical facts that Virginia has been able to share with us. 

Visit the Saguache County Museum for more information about the Whitten Ranch.

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